About me

I’ve been interested in massages for years. A couple of years ago I decided to act upon it and in 2009 I started my education with Holos (Academic for Massagetherapy) to become a masseuse. After this I continued my education at Holos aspiring to be a massagetherapist. In the summer of 2013 I got my diploma.

The last couple of years I’ve learned to better listen to my body and to what I’m feeling. I’m aware much faster of the signals that my body gives me. By listening to these signals instead of ignoring them I’m able to make the best choices for my well-being. The massages have played a major role in this. With this in mind I enjoy giving other people the opportunity to experience what massages can do for them.

After I started my practice in Sittard, I’ve moved to Tilburg with my boyfriend. In 2014 I’ve started again with my practice. Since our family expanded with a little boy in may 2015 I’ve started to enhance my knowledge with pregnancymassage and babymassage. Therefore I’m able to offer this to others now. I’ve experienced myself that the pregnancymassages were very benificial and I still enjoy every time I give my own baby son a massage. I really like to pass this enjoyment on to other parents.