Prices and reimbursement

Massage therapy

Short consult (ca. 30 min)              €35,-

Normal consult (ca. 60 min)           €55,-

Long consult (ca. 90 min)               €75,-

All massage therapy consults normally take about an hour, including some time to determine what massage is best suited. A shorter session is ofcourse also possible. The first massage therapy consult will be about 15 minutes longer for a brief consultation and review of symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. Look for more information about possible reimbursement in 2022 at the bottom of this page.

Consults, cancelled shorter than 24 hours in advance, will be invoiced.

Relaxing massage

Partial massage 30 min                    €35,-

Massage 60 min                               €55,-

Long massage 90 min                      €75,-

Pregnancymassage                           € 35,-/ € 55,-             (30 min./60 min.) (+ €5,- on location)

Reimbursement bij health insurer

Many health insurers offer a (partial) reimbursement for massage therapy if you have an additional insurance. Please check your policy conditions for reimbursement of naturopath treatments or look at the overview at the botttem of this page. No referral from your doctor is needed. Sessions other than massage therapy can’t be reimbursed.

VBAG professional organisation 

I’m registered as massage therapist with the VBAG professional organisation and with umbrella organization RBCZ/TCZ.

License number Holos: 21612044

Registration number RBCZ: 207121R

AGB-code practice: 90-(0)57754

AGB-code health provider: 90-049333