In my practice I mostly massage a part of the body. This means that I massage the part of the body that at that moment needs the most attention, for example the back-/neck-/schoulder area. In these massages I use the following techniques:

Relaxing massage

During a relaxing massage the mucles are slowly warmed up by soothing long strokes, kneading and deep circular movements. This way the body is invited to release it’s tension.

Swedish massage

The Swedish (or classic) massage focuses on mucles and joints. It uses several massage techniques like kneading, long strokes to increase the bloodcirculation. This improves the intake of nutrients by the muscles and quickens the drainage of toxins.

Energetic massage

The energetic massage is a very slow form of massage. It’s focusing on the energy in your body and allows you to become counscious of the various sensations in your body.

Foot reflex zone massage

The foot reflex zone massage focuses on points and areas on the feet that correspond with organs, muscles and joints throughout your whole body. By massaging the reflex zones you’re also indirectly massaging the rest of your body. This stimulates the self-healing proporties of the body and relieves stress and tension. During this massage you’re fully clothed.

Holistic pulsing

Holistic pulsing is a tender healing massage technique that works with and on the water in your body. By the rythmic movements of this water you reach a state of deep relaxation. During this massage you’re fully clothed.


This is an energetic massage that focuses on experiencing the chakra’s, the enery sources of your body. There are 7 chakra from your crown to your groin. This massage invites you to experience how energy flows through your body and if there might be a blockage.

Connective tissue massage

During connective tissue massage (or skin rolling) the skin is picked up and rolled in different directions. It allows a release in the superficial restrictions between the skin and underlying tissue. This technique improves the blood circulation and quickes the drainage of toxins.

Hotstone massage

During this massage I massage with Basalt stones and my hands. The Basalt stones are between 45 and 50 degrees Celcius and keep this warmth for a long time due to their consistence. This warmth from the stones tranfers into the body during the hotstone massage and effects the mucles, metabolism and the blood circulation. The hotstone massage can have a deep relaxing effect due to the warmth.