Wanda Hoos Massage continues under a new name: Practice Vikasa. Of course this also includes a new website: Praktijk Vikasa. Of course you can still go here for massage and massage therapy, but also for sound massage, Energetic Soundtouch and much more!

Everyday, more people notice that their busy schedule effects their body. More and more people visit a masseur to give their body the attention it needs and also to relax. Where a normal masseur  can only provide physical relaxation or specifically focuses at a physical complaint, as a holistic massage therapist I look at the whole picture.

A holistic massage doesn’t only look at a physical complaint but also focuses on the recovery of the balance between body and mind. Physical complaints tend to be an expression of underlying causes like stress, problems in daily life, unprocessed emotions and such. In my practice in Tilburg I look to the person as a whole and not only to what’s wrong.

Of course, I also offer the just relaxing massage. Before every session we consult what massage suits best for you at that moment. It’s also possible to follow different courses like a course babymassage or relaxing backmassage.

Many health insurers offer a (partial) reimbursement for massage therapy if you have an additional insurance. Look at “Prices and reimbursement” for more information.

Member of VBAG, registered at RBCZ/TCZ.